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The Kennedy Company

The Kennedy Company was founded in 1976, by David R. Kennedy, a physicist educated at the University of London and employed on the Saturn Rocket Project at the Space Technology Centre in Huntsville, Alabama. During this time he worked on developing innovative acoustic barriers for NASA, which ultimately led to the founding of the Kennedy Company. Subsequently, David expanded the business to its current location in Scottsboro, Alabama, spread on a sprawling campus of 7 acres with over 25,000 square feet of production space.

David, along with his daughter Sarah Kennedy Precise and her husband Kenneth Precise, have spent the last couple of decades growing the Kennedy Company, branching into X-Ray Shielding products, and establishing Kennedy as high quality manufacturer.

In late 2021, The Kennedy Company became part of the Trivitron Group, a well-established multinational medical device conglomerate. With the continued involvement and close association of the Kennedy family, Trivitron intends to fully support all existing operations and further expand manufacturing capabilities and develop a cutting edge Technology Park in Scottsboro, Alabama focused on the latest advancements.

In 2023, the team will launch the Kennedy Radiology brand of radiation safety and imaging products that will be manufactured in Scottsboro, Alabama. For Additional details, please contact Sarah Kennedy Precise, President Operations, and Kenneth Precise, Vice President Operations at sarah.precise@trivitron.com and kenneth.precise@trivitron.com respectively.