Shipping Information

Shipping Information

Here are some fundamentals regarding the shipping of your order:

Verify the "ship to" address on your quote or order, as inaccurate "ship to" addresses result in delivery delays and additional fees.

Manufacturer-specific product availability and order processing times vary. The majority of in-stock items will ship within four to five business days of order processing. Customized and color-selectable products can take up to four weeks to manufacture. Please read the product page\'s detailed description for information on product availability.

Ship to Address Errors May Cause Delays and Additional Fees

It is crucial that the "ship to" address you provide for your quote or order is accurate and that your delivery services meet your needs.

Delivery delays may occur if the "ship to" address contains errors.In addition, many shipping companies charge fees for address correction or redelivery. The accuracy of all address correction and redelivery fees imposed by the carrier is reviewed automatically. We might charge additional fees if the buyer was responsible for the address error. In unsuccessful delivery, the shipping carrier may require payment of these fees before reattempting delivery.

Carriers assess address correction fees for a variety of address-related mistakes. Examples include providing an undeliverable address, an incorrect ZIP code, a lack of suite or apartment numbers, and improper address formatting.

It is important to verify the accuracy of your "ship to" address and the delivery services you require for the aforementioned reasons.

Utilizing the Freight Account

We do not offer the option to use your facility\'s freight account at this time. For your safety and to provide the high level of service that our consumers expect, we require the ability to track shipments, provide proof of delivery, and file a loss/damage makes a claim on your behalf, which we could not do if we shipped and billed the recipient\'s freight account.

Packing and Loss or Damage in Transit

Product(s) will be packed for shipment in a manner suitable to the method of shipment specified by Purchaser, or to the method selected by KENNEDY RADIOLOGY in the absence of instructions. Kennedy Radiology will not be held responsible for any risk or loss or damage to Products in transit. Additional fees may be assessed based on special handling requirements or for shipments outside the continental U.S.

Purchaser may be responsible for additional shipping charges or fees incurred for any drop-shipped delivery that cannot be completed due to unexpected business closures.

If you have any questions about shipping your Kennedy Radiology order, please get in touch using our contact form or you can write to us at