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Kennedy Radiology's Gonad Shield provides maximum protection from ionizing radiation in various clinical scenario.

Lead Equivalence
Core Material
The male reproductive organ is one of the most radiosensitive organs. Hence, it is vital to use gonad shielding during diagnostic procedures like pelvic radiography by every individual at or below reproductive age. The popular practice of gonad shielding is the placement of lead or lead-free shields in the midline of the pelvis.
At Kennedy Radiology, we have designed our gonad shield in America to provide optimum protection without obscuring diagnostic information. It comprises a flexible strap, which is easy to wear and ensures even weight distribution. We offer the gonad shield in both lead and lead-free options with a level of protection of 1.0mmLE. Our product complies with all the global standards, including regulations for personal protective equipment.

Specifications / Technical Details
Kennedy's Gonad Shield offers comprehensive protection from ionizing radiation.

Ideal to protect the male reproductive organ
Available in one-size-fits-all
Easy to wear and remove
Adjustable belt for snug fit

Core Material
Leaded / Leadfree
World-Class Core Materials have been the cardinal components of Kennedy's Radiation Protection Products. These core materials are made possible engineering excellence in particle research to develop high quality lead and lead free shielding materials that conform to the ASTM 2547-18 standards

Eco friendly
Bismuth and Antimony particles
Odor free
Ergonomic comfort
Resistant to humidity
Stability: -20° To +70° Celsius | -4° to +158° Fahrenheit

Reduced Weight due to Lead Particle Miniaturization
Minimal use of Bonding and Mineral Oils
Odor Free
Resistant to humidity
Stability: -20° To +70° Celsius | -4° to +158° Fahrenheit

Front Protection - 1.0 LE


  • Plush Polyester fabric with Polyurethane Coating
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Alkali/ Solvent Resistant
  • Durable and Water Resistant
Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

  • 40+ years of
    Manufacturing Experience
  • High Quality,
    Reliable Products
  • First Rate
    Raw Materials
  • Industry Accreditations
    & Safety Standards
  • Manufactured and Serviced
    in Scottsboro, Alabama
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